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Body Centric Coaching
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REST Permission Granted
A great article from my coach/trainer. Give yourself permission to REST.
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The journey within

Ever wonder about is the coaches perspective on love, marriage, communication and respect.

Coaches Corner Article: "Above Rubies Magazine "Our actions shape our lives"



Clients Want:

A cooperative partnership of collaboration.

Honest and straightforward communication.

No ego stroking, no ego trips.


Together, we will investigate where you are and where you want to go, and then design a plan for how to get there.


·       As a coach it’s all about connecting with people in the business called life…

·       It might be: a different point of wellness

·       It might be: creating more balance in the home-work-kids or family arena

·       It might be: small business success and what that means and the how to do it


         People want results; life is challenging them. Do they want someone telling them what to do?  NO! They want to discover what is inside them waiting to break out.  That is what my job is, to help reintroduce YOU to YOU. To help re-define you or help you rediscover your more authentic self.

This is where navigation comes in, there is NO one roadmap, We will discover the route together and you will feel support and collaboration.


Why work with a coach?

You want to see what is invisibile to you at this moment.

You want to stop running the same scenarios through your head.

You want a "fresh" approach to make what you are doing come alive, bring more energy to you.

You want to define a new path to achieve a dream or goal and you want it to be without struggle.

You want you path to be clear and focused and you want to move through it with ease and a sense of accomplishment.


MY clients now have access to a new way that speeds up finding answers, improves tools to reduce fear, using the messages your body is trying to give you.  Are you listening?  BODY CENTRIC COACHING. Ask me about the special!! 


What does Body Centric Coaching do?

Secrets--everyone wants to be on the INSIDE of the knowing. Your body wants to let you in on it's secrets, it needs you to LISTEN. Body Centric Coaching helps you put on your listening ears. I meet you as a collaborator, we take the treasure map and with my guidance you unlock the code. With the wisdom from your body you will now find decisions easier, life less stressful, your energy will increase and in your busy world you will find yourself more productive and more JOY filled. I meet you where ever you are on the path, we can work with career, transition, everyday life choices. Let's begin today to navigate the curves of life and help you find your BLISS!


Key Components and Breakthrough Concepts:


  • Moving
    Beyond Disempowering Beliefs: 

    The practice of body-centered coaching offers a 7 step process for transforming disempowering beliefs and
    old patterns of behavior into empowering beliefs and behavior. 
  • Beyond
    - (collapsed distinctions): Fusion refers to the way we have fused two concepts together
    in our mind. This
    technique assists the client to separate the two ideas or concepts that they
    have fused together, helping them see clearly and act accordingly.
  • Beyond
    When clients are so ensconced in
    fear that they can’t function well in the moment, the fear itself needs to be directly
    and immediately addressed
    . This process will encourage the
    client to be more compassionate and present to their fear – and move beyond it.



"Our inner guidance comes to us through our feelings and body wisdom first -- not through intellectual understanding. ...The intellect works best in service to our intuition, our inner guidance, soul, God or higher power -- whichever term we choose for the spiritual energy that animates life."   A Quote from Dr. Christine Northrup:




-- Christiane Northrup


AREAS OF EXPERTISE: What do I bring to the game?

·       Sales/Management in the field and in the office

·       Computer: Word, Publisher, Excel,  ACT Database/Real Estate related software

·       Certified: Life Coach & Trained Body Centric Coach

·       Certified: YogaFit Instructor

·       Certified: Feng Shui for real estates

·       Certified: Quantum Touch/Reiki 1/Energy Healing

·       Small Business Owner/Manager/Coach

·       Awards: "Small Office of the Year"/"Rookie Broker of the Year"

·       Medical Training: Working with cancer patients

·       Sales and Management: Mary Kay Cosmetics Pink Cadillac driver.  Top sales awards $400,000 club






These words of a Zen Samurai come to mind;


“Heaven and Earth are my parents; Honesty my power;

submission my means; inward strength my magic. My

mind is my friend; Incautiousness my enemy; Goodwill and

righteousness my armor, Immovable mind my castle.


You do not need a mirror, you are the mirror. Do you sit

in quiet reflection, practice the art of meditation? Are you

able to quiet the monkey chatter in your mind long enough

to listen to the silence of your mind? Do you know what you

stand for deep within your core?

Empower youself with your thoughts.
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     Lectures. Business Group Discussions. Wellness Fairs.


Allow me to come and speak on a variety of subjects, from decreasing stress in the work place, achieving balance and harmony in the work/life struggle, breathing for health, and broadening our boundries one step at  time.

Enjoy the journey of being imperfect.
Take some stress off, enjoy yourself, family and relationships......YOu do NOT have to be perfect.
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Business Tips
Getting started
Elements of Building Clarity for Busines[...]
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Basic Business Building plan
Tips to build on
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Allow me to share some tips and ideas at your meeting, group or gathering.  VISIT for a FREE Video on Self Care. Learn more about me, and then comment and connect.