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Life-Coaching Services:


Entrepreneurial- start up, increasing revenues or finding life/career balance

Transition-Career changes by design or by destiny

Single Parenting-Tips on balancing life, career, kids and personal time



Navigating the Curves of Life with Purpose

What is the process like?  How many sessions do I commit to?

First a 15 or 20 minute phone conversation to talk about “coaching,” timing, expectations, and an exchange of questions and answers.  We make a determination to move to 3 sessions or decide not to do so at this time.   Assurance that all client-coach conferences are private and confidences are kept.  Both coach and client have responsibilities during each session and between sessions. There is a contract of commitment, and that will be shared and discussed prior to commencing the sessions.

First Session:  Approximately one hour. We begin with either A or B depending on client and coach.

A.      Focus is on information gathering, the coach asks key questions, the client shares information. This is not a checklist of what we “think” we should do. It is getting in touch with some things we want to do, and perhaps we have not thought of them in some time. We will delve into what makes you come alive, where your passion is, are you a humanitarian, a detective, feel science has the answers.  There are no judgments, just dialogue.  At the conclusion of our search we both step away and we write a Vision Statement.  Not about what is, but about what could be, what it would look like, feel like, accomplish, how would it change your current life, etc.

B.      Focus is on our Strengths.  We use a tool through Fact Finder’s Profile.  From this we take our lead to discuss what you bring to the career table.  We will work with what these strengths might look like when applied to the concerns at hand. We discuss how much time we are spending working toward our weakness.  Focus here sometimes leads us to approach the career path with different energy, adjust the path, or re-tool our tactics.  Your homework will be to observe and make notes on what frustrates you, what fills you with pride, what depletes you and other observations during the week or two between sessions.

Second Session: Approximately one hour. This can be face-to-face or by phone.

A.      We share our vision statement with each other and discuss the similarities, and differences. We begin the discovery process of past success strategies and stories, and past stumbling blocks and times of discontent. We will take 3 to 4 examples and see if we can find common threads. This will usually help find the patterns, habits, and rituals.  We will talk about the ones that serve you well, and the ones that do not. We all have stories, what are we telling ourselves, often a different question can illuminate a different path.  What does your saboteur look like?  When was the last time you have listened to him or her?

With this knowledge you will have homework to adjust some patters, change some words, and perhaps develop an affirmation. You will create this step with the help or a different perspective from the coach.

B.      Your homework will be shared. What insights appear?  How will you observe them, and the amount of time you spend each day and week feeling these feelings? Are you feeling energized or depleted, stressed or carefree?  Where is your time spent?  Many of us are “action” oriented and feel monitored and gauged by the amount of distress or crisis we manage. Do you spend time in activity, urgent things or are you creating, managing, directing or accomplishing?