Our Client Base

Wellness With Attitude coaching specializes in:


Entrepreneurs/Individuals seeking life/career balance. Start up business and those seeking to increase revenues without losing themselves

Transition--Career changes by design or by destiny

Single Parenting--Tips on balancing life, career, kids and personal time. (I know you didn't personal was in the equation....IT IS!)

Everyday people who like to grow, learn and redesign themselves   


Here's what some of our satisfied clients are saying:


The process we went through on Friday morning left me feelng a sense of calm and control for the remainder of the day.  Peaceful.  The anxiety was minimized, even when I remembered some of the stressful issues I'd been dealing with.   You're nurturing and caring skill bringing me to and through a stressful memory allowed me to feel safe and comfortable peeling back the layers of the onion to start getting to the root of the fear and anxiety.   Thank you for that.  The step by step, easy process of tuning into the body for messages, and retraining your responses is so useful.

TOI, Los Angeles, CA


"Sandy brings a positive and unique approach to everything she touches.  Her calm yet determined personality will stretch your mind and help you achieve your highest potential."


-Don O’Dell, Senior Mortgage Consultant


"Sandy’s eagerness to “think outside the box” and help you “see the forest for the trees”

brings an energy and excitement not often found in others. She is constantly learning

and stretching beyond conventional methods. Her approach is professional, caring and fun. When you engage her services be prepared to “show up”, because she will! She is consistent, congruent, dedicated and dependable."


-Bonnie White, Executive Sr. Director Mary Kay Cosmetics


Sandy is a gentle and attuned listener. She connected with me and made me feel safe to explore that part of me that wanted to be heard. Sandy gave me tools to achieve my goals and see my journey as a positive adventure.  Barbara



BODY CENTRIC COACHING: This style is unique; I went into a space in my body to learn more about me, leaving the chatter in my head behind. The sessions are allowing me to gain deep knowledge, build trust with myself and empower my interactions in the world.

Melissa in Montana




"I came to a point in my career where I began to question whether I was maximizing my talents and skills and reached out to Sandy for help.  Sandy provided me with the guidance to structure my thoughts to help me arrive to conclusions about how to look at where I currently am and where I wanted to be.  She spent the time up front to understand my current situation and provided guidance tailored to my needs.  I recommend Sandy for those who are looking to get the most out of their careers."


Andre--Manager National IT Consulting Company








Client Industries

We have proudly served clients from a wide range of industries, including:

  • Beauty-Fashion-Cosmetics
  • Real Estate
  • Technology
  • Life Coaches