Why Wellness with Attitude began:


Wellness With Attitude was founded by Sandy Warren and has since grown to include coaching and Yoga.   Our growth is based on a belief that many people are seeking more harmony and balance in their lives. I am dedicated to meeting people where they are mentally, physically and spiritually.


I celebrate people as individuals, and practice non-judgment coaching.

In our Yoga classes we practice compassion--not competition.


Find out how these core values have helped hundreds of other clients achieve lasting success in the pursuit of their personal wellness and life/career balance.


What does a coach do that I cannot do myself?

Perhaps ask questions that you do not ask yourself, or ask the questions and dive more deeply into that answers.

 I am a bright, capable person, why me, why now?

One reason might be because you want to have a collaborator that does not just gloss over a potential story that is not serving your needs. Perhaps because you have tried several actions and you keep winding up back at this same point. Perhaps you know you are worth more money, but it seems to elude you. Perhaps because you find yourself happy, but it has a shelf life, and you are not sure why that happens. As you can see the reasons are varied, the timing is unique to you as are the answers.

Are you conscious of what you are pulling into or pushing out of your life? 


Yes, we design our life, but we do not always do it intentionally. Sometime our subconscious plays a leading role. We might even have an insecurity that pretends it’s a star. There are times when a loss or failure shows up as the “bad” guy, who does bad things to us, that we most certainly do not deserve.

Do you have a story that is NOT serving you in your wholeness of this life experience? Are you working toward abundance, or are you working to avoid scar

 Maybe there are factors working in the economy, maybe there is more debt than you want.  How much reality do you want to govern your thoughts, feelings and emotions?  Yes, negative things happen, but we do have the ability to determine how they affect us, how they drive us, and how much we internalize. A coach can help make sure you know the answers, so you drive and you have a road map, and you celebrate along the route you have chosen.

Do you outwardly look like a success, but inside you feel like you are NOT enough, NOT a success, NOT free of debt, NOT emotionally fulfilled and joyful?  

Working with a coach can help discover why there are "NOT"s in your life. Working with a partner can switch your perception to see a "TON" instead.  You have a TON of success, a TON of joy, a TON of attributes, a TON of money.

 Are you feeling out of control, or do you feel empowered? Are you crystal clear about your goals, or focused on the resistance that prevents you from reaching your goals?

 Maybe you know that you want to feel differently, focus on your “purpose” but you are not clear on your purpose because you have been busy making a living. Working with a coach can stretch your “imagination muscles” and with consistent effort your journey begins to manifest in accordance with your goals.

Have you taken all the tools you use in business and implemented them into your personal life? Your wellness? Your transformation?  Have you reached out for new resources, or have you remained closed?

With a cooperative coach you can bring your personal strengths to the surface and help you implement them. You will have an accountability person, a place to evaluate your work and effort, a place to be validated, and encouraged.

 Are you resigned?  Are things "just the way they are?" Are you interested in doing the work and the self discovery to find a different perspective, find a potential to widen the possibilities?

                                                                                                                                    We all use our own filters, our own messages. A coach can offer an alternative filter. Maybe a coach offers you a new message about what you really deserve and that can change your set point of the infinite abundance that is there for you.

Balance is about making choices, saying yes to some things, saying no to others. Balance is a fluid state because life itself is dynamic. Are you in enough pain, to intentionally take the steps to discover a path to pleasure? Has stress settled somewhere in your body?  Is it time to work it out? Is it time to love yourself through healing your body?

                                                                                                                                                  We hear more and more daily about what is healthy for us and more and more we understand our emotional, mental state has impact on our body. Anger, guilt & stress are the ones we hear most about, disease does break down to DIS—EASE. Coaching can bring ease back into your life, because you will learn how to be more clear and specific with yourself, make better choices for you, celebrate and be grateful on a daily basis. 

People sometimes look to friends or family to find new answers, often they find that the old stories or messages keep appearing. Perhaps you are sensing that a relationship with a collaborator, an alliance between two equals for the purpose of meeting your needs is here.

Your job is not to know HOW things will get done. It is to TRUST yourself to take the first steps. The primary building block to begin working with a coach is awareness that you can find the answers. You have the creativity and the resources within you.

You are not broken, your choices are not all bad, and you do not need to be fixed. A coach asks the questions the open doors, to find your answers, not prepackaged answers that do not fit you. A coach will help you meet your Saboteur face to face, help face your purpose and vision and deal with what betrays you. A coach can bring you past the logic, allow you to follow your instincts and celebrate the steps.

What should I expect to pay for coaching sessions and how long should I expect to use a coach?

Coaching begins with a conversation of 15 or 20 minutes to get a base line and determine a date and time to begin, if we both decide to take the first steps.

We book the first of 3 sessions that will last approximately an hour each.  You will have some work to do prior to the first session and after each session.  This consists of a possible survey, writing a vision statement, getting and reviewing a suggested book. It varies for each client, and is customized for the goal at hand.

THREE coaching sessions is the first and only commitment. We will get to know each other, we will find a target and we will get results. The cost regular cost  is $300 for all three sessions. 


Moving people into their power, designing a bold, beautiful, passionate, well organized path and vaulting to new plateaus is what inspires me.

I look forward to working together.





I hope I hear from you today.... Sandy 704-713-0911      



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