Weekend Retreat May 2019

October Weekend Retreat

April Weekend Retreat

APRIL Weekend Retreat  2018

Weekend Yoga Reteat at Rock Barn November 2017

April 2017 at The Summit Lodge NC


JUNE 2016 a Roaring Gap Weekend Retreat.


YOGA Weekend Retreat March 2016 Rock Barn.

Weekend Retreat Plans for 2016...,,June and November

June 3,4,5 and November 4,5,6  Please expess your interest so you will receive an invitation.

November 2015 Roaring Gap Weekend

YOGA for kids of all ages

Weekend Yoga Retreat at Rock Barn Inn June 2014

Advisors:  Ellen, Yvonne, Laura, Dawn, Pat, Iris, Kristin, Gail, Kerry and Sandy

Workshops and Upcoming Events

Yoga at the Beach.....

Please contact us for more in depth information or to suggest a workshop you would like us to consider presenting to your organization or business.

Thanks to so many of you for your participation.

I wish you great abundance and JOY on your journey.  I am here as your coach should you need a helping hand.


 I am starting an "I am interested list". Perhas your group, book club, Yoga studio would be intested in hosting this workshop. OR register and I will be coordinating another program when we have 5 or more intested people.


What is it and is it for you....

Your answers to the following questions will let you know.


Do you ever......

Hear your body say, “I'm tired” and you push it further.

Do you ever forget to feed it, and still expect it to perform well?

Do you ever get headaches, and realize you haven't had any water today?

How about illness, does it happen when you have a day off?

Ever hear your family say, slow down?

Ever over promise and under deliver, especially to your kids or spouse?

Ever make a negative comment to your body, like why won't you lose weight?

Do you ever feel like you push and push to get more done, and you are on a perpetual roller coaster?


                               YOU guessed it, this workshop is for you.

1.             You will practice Restorative gentle Yoga postures

2.             You will have quiet time in your head

3.             We will take the tools your body has and augment

the way you access the information.

4.             You will leave equipped with some answers

to your burning questions.

5.             You will be empowered and renewed



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