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What makes YOGA at The RETREAT different?

The key to the success of The Retreat is the teaching methodology that is incorporated to accommodate the common physical limitations of beginning yoga students. Be it lack of flexibility, poor posture, misaligned pelvis, poor strength, past injury, or general lack of movement - most everyone comes to yoga with musculoskeletal imbalances that affect their ability to practice yoga comfortably and safely.

Many studios offer classes that are either large so there is not a focus on individual movement, or the instructors are either young or young in the business, they have often not yet bumped into some walls of resistance within their own bodies.

Some studios are caught up in what is new, some gyms are offering yoga without a yoga focus, rather an athletic challenge as a basis.

Students who progress beyond basic postures find personal challanges and building blocks to support their goals. The more a student seeks, the more they find, on their own terms. Support is given withought judgement. 

Some students come to the mat who are very athletic but who have limited flexibility, this often appears in runners, or boot camp enthusiasts, even golfers and tennis players often do not stretch and are more prone to injuries. A well-choreographed deep stretch practice can help that challenge.

This is what makes The Retreat different, small focused classes, supportive instruction to keep each student safe.  An intrinsic knowledge of anatomy and the challenges that come with years of living.  A sense of humor rather than a competitive attitude gets more results than sheer determination.  Students look forward to coming to the mat to find not only physical response but also emotional release.

Your instructor Sandy will learn about you, will work with you, you will find new space in your body and your mind at your own rate. Watching the changes in each student, finding the magic with her students is what is the drivng force behind the yoga, and the sense of community at The Retreat.  

Ella and Tutu Fly into our Yoga class
Ella and Tutu after yoga class
Liam and Tutu at Super Hero Yoga Class in DE

Sharing YOGA  3 Generations

Photos of Sandy in Boat and Randall and Sandy courtesy of Wanda Koch


YOGA  Meeting you where you are mentally, physically & spiritually.

Dr. Oz advocates Yoga:




YOGA, What can you expect, for mind, body and spirit?

Balance, Strength, and Flexibility

One of the most obvious things about having a body is that it tends to stiffen and tighten the older you get, much like a plant that is tender and supple when young and becomes hard, dry, and woody with age. When you were young, you were probably very flexible; most children are. As you have grown older, your range and ease of movement have probably diminished. Perhaps you're not as spry as you once were, you move more slowly, and you may be experiencing more aches and subtle pains. You may also have noticed that you're less energetic, less resilient to change, more prone to injury, and that injuries take longer to heal. You may not feel quite as alive as you used to feel.  Given the way most of us live and think, this is neither surprising nor mysterious. Nor is it something that happens suddenly. It creeps up slowly, and you notice it gradually. Your awareness of this gradual decay and loss of vitality, however, can spark a very real commitment to the discipline of yoga.


With yoga you can dramatically retard, even reverse, the tendency to stiffen as you age. You can actually bring the suppleness of youth back into your life and be more flexible, durable, and stronger than you were as a child. You can learn to focus your physical and mental energy more effectively and thereby be more vital, creative, and efficient in all your activities. Clarity and tenacity in your work is often a result. 


Statistics indicate regular Yoga practice has decreased sick days, and improved attitude and cooperation between employees.  There are many physical benefits that accrue from regular yoga practice. The three most obvious are the immediate increase in your balance, strength, and flexibility.



Improved balance refers not only to the heightened physical coordination you will acquire, but to the balance of power between the left and right, front and back, and high and low aspects of your body.  None of this would matter much except for the fact that being asymmetrical and unbalanced creates a certain inevitable level of stress and strain throughout your body. Many symptom and disease are related to the integrity of the spine. Yoga helps to keep our spine in line, thus eliminating over time multiple symptoms. Yoga creates symmetry throughout your whole body, making you strong and flexible in a balanced way.


When you feel tired and weak, you also feel heavy. You literally feel heavy, a burden to yourself, as though you had to drag yourself around. When you feel energetic and strong, however, you feel light, and life doesn't seem so difficult. The weaker you are, the heavier you will feel. The stronger you are, the lighter you will feel. A consistent yoga practice will make you strong and light.   The whole tone of your body will change as your strength increases. You will have an easier time handling your own body weight. You will feel sturdier and surer of yourself. You will have a lighter step, your experience in the world will become a pleasure, and life will feel and be easier.



As you free your body and become more flexible, you not only restore lost movement, you actually erase tensions and internal conflicts that would otherwise accumulate and eventually erupt as pain. The more flexible you are, the harder it is for pain to lodge in your body. Pain and tension are forms of blocked, stuck, misplaced, and misused energy. Being more flexible opens these energy blockages and frees your energy circulation. Your entire body will feel clean and new as the stuck parts are freed and released.


 Pain often comes from neglect (a form of misuse) and is always a signal to take care. Because your body is operating more harmoniously, it will not demand your attention in uncomfortable ways. Your awareness and life experience will again feel pure and untainted. This is probably the way you felt when you were young.





Our services at a glance:

  • Monday 10:30am  and 6:45 pm
  • Tuesday 11:30am and 6:15 pm
  • Wednesday 6:45 pm
  • Thursday 10:30 am and 6:15pm
  • Friday 10:30 am  
  • Saturday 9:30am 


PRIVATE YOGA availabe for prenatal, postpartum, surgery recovery, auto-immune disorders. Ask for a consultation.

  • Sandy Warren 704-713-0911  or complete the form below. 


Examples of Stretches and mini workouts

Stretch the Back
Keep the pain away
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Strength and Flexibility
Wonder if yoga can be beneficial if you run, play tennis, work with weights or do other forms of exercise
Microsoft Word - Is it possible to be st[...]
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Sun Salutation
AM or PM.....take 10 minutes a day and FEEL the difference
Sun Saluation with pictures and descript[...]
Adobe Acrobat document [28.0 KB]
Women's Wellness
10 Best Poses for women's health
Women's Wellness 10 best poses with pict[...]
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Basic Yoga Warmup
Basic Yoga Warmup.pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [2.6 MB]
Microsoft Word - Why Yoga, Change, Stren[...]
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Yoga for big strong men
Yoga really is for everyone. Find the "style" that fits you.
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Office Yoga Suggested Poses.pdf
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Description of poses
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Feel safe and stable using a chair
Staying in motion is the key, little steps each day build strenght, and confidence.
Chair Yoga pictures of poses 2.pdf
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What's age go to do with it?

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