Wellness With Attitude:


Wellness With Attitude:

Wellness with Attitude was founded by Sandy Warren and has since grown to include coaching and Yoga. Our growth is based on the belief that many people are seeking more harmony and balance in their lives. Sandy is dedicated to meeting people where they are mentally, physically and spiritually.



"The very least you can do in your life is to figure out what you hope for. And the most you can do is live inside that hope. Not admire it from a distance but live right in it, under its roof."


-- Barbara Kingsolver


Both yoga and coaching are ALL about YOU: Listening to your words, your body, your needs, your challenges, your strengths.


What clients say about coaching:


"From one hour with Sandy I adjusted my closing questions and my closing rate is greatly improved."

"My vision statement focused me on a dream; I enrolled in college and I am doing great. That was the first session!"

"I've changed my daily self talk, made huge strides on my Vision Board, and have found more energy and laughter."


What clients are saying about yoga:


"One class taught me to breathe. I can now reduce my stress levels, in and out of class."

"Taking time for me, being reminded of my personal value is what makes my Yoga class a must for my overall well being."  


Sandy celebrates people as individuals and practices non-judgment in coaching.

Her Yoga classes emphasize compassion--not competition.


Find out how these core values have helped hundreds of clients achieve lasting success in the pursuit of their personal wellness and life/career balance.


Learn more about Sandy Warren:

Life lessons have enlightened me and instilled within me an unfaltering positive attitude. Through my experiences, I've built integrity and trust within myself, with others and with the surrounding universe. As an independent contractor, entrepreneur, manager and leader in several fields, I've developed a strong set of core values while empowering myself and others. I continually strive to build rapport and keep a sense of humor - making work and the pursuit of wealth and happiness rewarding and fun. Being open to new ideas, training, seminars, books and workshops has allowed me to sharpen the saw and stay inspired in business and share what I have learned with others.


While working in the medical field early in life, treating cancer patients and coaching families, my empathy and gratitude increased tenfold. I began to understand the bigger picture in life and how to avoid becoming overwhelmed with small challenges.

Single parenting for most of my adult life honed my independence, self-sufficiency and ability to juggle, paddle like crazy and appear calm in the face of multiple and frequent challenges.


Choosing to move from a stable medical career to a 100% commission sales position taught me sales techniques, but more importantly, the ability to ask good questions and listen to both the stated and unstated objectives of people. Moving into a directorship role provided many lessons on motivating, encouraging and inspiring a team, and I earned the privilege of a Mary Kay pink Cadillac multiple times.


The love of change and challenge, the willingness to risk, and the confidence that goals can be reached inspired me to move myself and my family to an area where we knew no one. Venturing into real estate, I combined all of my previous skills and seized an opportunity from a major company to join their leadership team.


An ability to delve into what is the worst, the best and the most likely results of any given choice has generated many leadership opportunities. People trust me with confidences and decisions of any magnitude.

I have worked with many trainers to understand personality profiling, image consulting, coaching for attitude and performance, accountability techniques and goal-setting strategies.

Volunteering for 14 years at the Woman's Commission, I helped women in challenging situations re-train themselves and build the confidence to enter the workforce.

As a recent Tony Robbins graduate, I've developed and honed more tools to help people reach health and wealth while honoring their bodies and individual missions.


Being enterprising doesn't just relate to the ability to make money. It also translates into feeling confident and positive, and having enough self worth to want to seek advantages and opportunities that will make a real difference. I believe my enterprising nature is the result of confidence, courage, creativity and self-worth, and sharing this with others is a big part of my journey towards fulfillment.


To be enterprising is to keep your eyes open and your mind active. It's to be skilled enough, confident enough, creative enough, and disciplined enough to seize opportunities that present themselves.


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I pride myself on allowing time to talk and determine how I might be of value, and if we are a good match as coach and client.

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