Each woman is unique, she deserves to live in JOY.                                    She does not need to live in a state of chaos or overwhelm.

Coach Sandy's Focus is YOU!



My purpose is working with women who are brave enough to seek the wisdom of the wise woman inside. I call her Warrior Goddess; you can find a name that fits. The discovery journey takes us from chaos to calm, from fear to love.

We grow, change and transition to a positive mindset and to living joyfully in our strengths.


Wellness With Attitude has expanded to include coaching in an empowered Women's Group sessions. "women wearing many hats".  New is Positive Intelligence a combo program for more powerful impact.


 I believe there is a goddess in each of us, by mid-life the goddess has been moved to the back shelf, she is often dusty. Together we empower her, dust her off, and polish her up.


Read the following and see what resonates with you. You may well discover your honest answers to yourself will bring you to take advantage of these session. To build your confidence, then plans and  steps to re-align with your goddess.


One on one is for the soon to be fearless woman, begin with 6 sessions and then proceed as you deem appropriate for you.


Please reach out for a 30 minute discovery session so we can both determine our compatability and evaluate your expectations.  Click let's Chat now.

Here is a video that will provide a little peek behind the curtain.

What is in it for me you ask!


Work with Sandy

Read the following and see what resonates with you. You may well discover your honest answers to yourself will inspire you to take advantage of these sessions and bring you to a place of confidence as you re-align with your goddess.


"What is in it for me?" you ask!

I am a bright, capable person. Why me, why now?


(Do you want a yes woman or a why woman?)

One reason might be because you want to have a collaborator that does not just gloss over a potential story that is not serving your needs.


(Imposter syndrome)

You have tried several actions and you keep winding up back at this same point.


(Low self confidence)

You are worth more money, or position, but it seems to elude you.



You find yourself happy, but it has a shelf life, and you are not sure why that happens.


(Others' expectations)

You have a story that is NOT serving you in your wholeness of this life experience.


(Inability to say NO)

You live in varying degrees of chaos and overwhelm rather than working toward abundance, peace and joy. 


As you can see the reasons are varied, the timing is unique to you as are the answers.       

Are you resigned?  Do you say, "It's just the way things are?"


OR are you interested in doing the work and the self discovery that it takes?

Are you ready to find the Goddess within, dust her off and polish her up? 

Or are you better suited to "Embracing the Fearless Woman"?



Our Next Sessions


FREE: Get to know me sessions

30 minutes, contact me to book.





6-Weeks sessions

Negative Neuropathways-Saboteurs-Pain

Positive Neuropathways-Empowering Sage-strength

​Conscious Mind-Brain-logic and protection

Subconscious Mind-Heart-emotion, belief and trust

Do you know how much time you spend in the positive, empowering, creative space during each day?

You will working with me.

We walk you out of distress and into feeling good!



Learn what brain science teaches about how your brain works, both fear/negative and love/positive forces.

Build your brain muscles with brain reps. Same as bicep curls, squats, or walking.

Make it easy with an app., using both auditory learning, & repetition.

       Build strength into your daily activities. No additional time needed.

       Video training for the visual learners.

        NY times best seller book, for the reader. “Positive Intelligence”. Shirizad Chamine


Personal coaching via a weekly zoom sessions, support of others.

Book a Discovery Session to get the “Scoop”.  Only 5 accepted, get on the wait list!

See Link above

I will share the pricing with you on the discovery call.



"Unleash your Fearless Woman"

One-on-One Coaching

6 Sessions 1 hour each

$800 ($50 discount for 1 payment in full)

Payment plan option

Guarantee: Participate fully in the first 3 sessions if you do not see results, your $ money refunded


"Women who Wear Many Hats'"

Topics of interest, concerns, todays obstacles shared in a safe non judegmental community.

Topics and themes revolve around mid-season women, women in transition,

and Women who want to embrace their fearless side.

Topics address stress, anxiety, overwhelmed feelings.

I will share tips to manage the challenges you face,

There is a goddess inside you, she may be lonely, dusty, and unfamiliar.

Toegether in sisterhood we will get to know her and polish her up!

2 one hour sessions per month

Join any month

Monthly Membership $35 no contracts





Ponder this:

If you imagine yourself as a being of water, ask yourself these three questions:

“What parts of me are frozen or stagnant?”

"Where do I need more of a sacred container to hold my center?”

“How can I own my innate Goddess wisdom?"





Please reach out for a discovery chat. The button below will take you to my calendar

this allows you to choose a time that works for us to chat.




Working with a coach can help discover why there are "NOT'S" in your life.

Working with others women in community can switch your perception to see a "TON" of instead of lack or "NOT'S".

You can have a TON of success, a TON of joy, a TON of attributes, a TON of money, a TON of confidence, and you are worth it!

You can have your goddess back and she can pass along the wisdom.

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