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Coach Sandy is the hat I wear, my experiences in life and my training brings me to this season in my life. Change and transformation come to all of us, bidden, or not, invited or resisted.

My passion is to support you, encourage you to take the wheel. I have moved through divorce, relocation, being a mother of two as a single parent for many years.

Working on 100% commission and doing what was expected of me, with diligence and responsibility. I am now remarried, grandmother of 4, and learning to play more. I have chosen to take my lessons, tools and insights and bring them to you. 



My Services provide a safe space to move from chaos to calm, from overwhelmed to confident.


One on one coaching is available for the woman who wants  to "Unleash the Fearless Woman" and she wants to do it now and fast. 


I pride myself on allowing time to talk and determine how I might be of service and value, and see if we are a good match as coach and client.  Please reach out for a discovery chat. The link below will take you to the SignupGenius, the top box will allow you to register with email and or phone, I will personally contact you to set a date and time that work for you. Or you can request one and I will reply.


 ME from the little girl with dreams to the FEARLESS WOMAN and my                 2 granddaughters and almost daughter. Fearless can begin at any age!

 You can see from the pictures below I belieive in indpendence, entrepreneurship and being a role model. Family and life balance is something to take seriously and work on daily.

Daughter Stacey, grandkids Ella and Liam. She is a freelance writer.

Son Justin, grandkids Kaia and Evan. He owns his own insurance company.

Husband Randall has his own company as an IT pro specializing in small business.

Sister Gail retired after teaching our next generation.

Mom and Dad who began it all and now look down on us as our angels. 

Why Wellness with Attitude began:

Why Wellness with Attitude began:

After high school I began my career in the medical field in Hartford Connecticut, became an X-Ray technician and took my first position in Stamford, CT. I received another degree in Radiation Therapy and did cancer treatments until the birth of my first child. Wanting to be a stay at home mom while still earning money, I took a risk and became a Mary Kay Consultant. By the birth of my second child I had become a Sales Director. Within a few years, I was glad I had taken risks to work at 100% commission instead of returning to the hospital or office work. An uninvited twist found me divorced by the time the kids were 4 and 8, and supporting myself, a home and kids. My kids learned to drive in a pink Cadillac! Lessons learned included time management, organization, prioritization and money management. On a personal level, I learned - gradually - to trust my decisions and the direction I was taking my family, and eventually my personal relationships.


Wanting to expand my world and experiences, as well as those of my daughter and son, I relocated from New England to North Carolina. Stacey went off to college at Furman in South Carolina; Justin into high school in Huntersville. The transition was good for all of us. Notice I did not say easy, but good. I went into real estate for a new experience, and before long I expanded to a training position and was managing an office of 30 agents. New challenges and a new decision came in 2009 when the office closed. I decided to follow a passion for yoga and became an instructor. The Retreat opened as a boutique studio two years later. Today, I continue to teach about eight classes a week; this makes sure I show up. My students have inspired me to go into Life Coaching over the years. They have become my one-on-one clients, and have joined many sessions as I have expanded.




In 2020 when the world went topsy turvy, I realized I needed to step into the group coaching arena. My target clients are women in the Mid-Season of Life because I believe in them; they are the glue that will pull us all back together. However, I also saw their pain, their sense of overwhelm, their days of too much to do and not enough appreciation for all the burdens and responsibilities they carry. And most of all for how much of themselves they had lost to caretaking others and juggling career, family and the whole bundle.

 I felt a need to step up and reach a hand out to support, inspire and assist in the realignment process. Women are not alone in their hesitation to bring on change or invite transition. Yet, it is the road to growth. 

My mission is to work with mid-season women to redesign the goddess that lives within. To dust her off, empower her, and shine her back to more brilliance than she was. My joy comes in watching as they are more empowered, confident and willing to shine. As they shine they can then share and my work is expanded. The impact they make will be passed on to our daughters (and sons).


For the woman in a rush, I have opened to one on one coaching for a limited number of women who want to "UNLEASH THE FEARLESS WOMAN".

The photos represent the people important in my life.

The activities I enjoy are:

  • Nature from our front porch and taking photos
  • Walking
  • Listening to podcasts
  • Wineries
  • Reading
  • Beach walks a favorite location is Hilton Head Island
  • Working with women
  • Golf (used to be tennis but the knees are not so happy now)
  • Yoga as a student for many years, now an instructor
  • Learning to draw


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