Sample Coaching Sessions

 Each woman is unique and my goal is to let you bloom as you were meant to. I strive to give you the nutrients, the water and the sun to flourish.

I invite you to get to know me, my style, my message, my humor by clicking the video button below. You will be taken to my YouTube channel and my "Mindset Messages."There are several that will give you insight or encouragement. Some deal with our expectations, our traditions and beliefs. It will give you a peek at what a women's empowerment group session is about and how we tackle the real issues we women manage.


Positive Intelligence:  6-week course. Apps, videos, quided meditations, weekly inperson and recorded sessions.   This program is designed to bring about greater happiness and iproved productivity by increasing the strenth of the brain muscles. The program is based on groundbreaking research in psychology and neuroscience    Sessions begin approximaely every 6 weeks.  Price shared at discovery session.



Sage Community: Post 6 week Postitve Intellegence course. This is a weekly session to continue the growth and strenth of your sage powers.  Weekly session for education and support, 10 minute booster as requested.

$44 Monthly no contracts.


Women who Wear Many Hats: Community sessions, via zoom, meets 2 times per month. Topics rotate based on the most pressing concerns at the time, and the direction of the group. Examples feeling overwhelmed, boundaires, saying no, low confidence. Monthly $35 no contracts.


Fearless Women: One on One Coaching Limited number accepted each quarter. 6 Session set by client preference.                 $750 paid in one payment. Optional 4 payments of $200 paid prior to 4 th. week of coaching.



 Peace. It does not mean to be in a place where there is no noise, trouble, or hard work. It means to be in the midst of those things and still be calm in your heart.  

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