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  1. Open a document below that resonates.
  2. Begin with an open mind.
  3. One step at a time.
  4. 2% change daily.
  5. Grace and forgiveness.
  6. Celebrate daily.




Nine ways to overcome fear
When a window closes a door opens. Take a step away from fear.
9 ways to overcome
Adobe Acrobat document [73.7 KB]
Learn a little about your personality.
Growth comes with new information. Take a peek and see if you can discover something new about you.
DISC TIPS on Personalities.pdf
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Sometimes realizing what we really want, is the best first step to having more willpower.
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Women are stronger than they often realize. Give yourself some credit and grace. I believe you will find this uplifting.
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Atomic Habits The cliff notes version
Building new habits can seem overwhelming. In this mini course I take you through a 2% adjustment daily, for a huge adjustment in a few months and imagine in a year. It starts with just 2% effort to open this and begin to imagine.
Atomic Habits by James clear .pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [793.1 KB]
We all have them, they can sometimes cause us sadness. What we often don't have is a willingness to let go.
Expectations Group Coaching.pdf
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Use a monk mindset, instead of a monkey mind.
Think and process more clearly with the well delivered tip from Jay Shetty, Cliff version prepared by Coach Sandy
Train the Brain.pdf
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