What our Clients like about our Community

Shared by a client..she said this is me....my heart is full and this is why I coach!

May be an image of text that says 'Be around the Light Bringers, the Magic Makers, the World Shitter They challenge you, break you open, uplift and expand you. They don't let you play small with your life. These Heartbeats are your people. These people are your Tribe.'


1. You are magnetic, genuine and bring about an air of structure and inclusiveness in every pose of yoga. It becomes real when in a small group. The laughs and being open to silliness makes any conversation, even those serious ones break the tough ice! 

You are gifted and there is an aura of modesty with pride of who you are, who you have become....how you thrive on continuing to evolve...that message permeates to everyone around you who wants to be inspired.

You are such a joyful person with a kind heart to help and pick up anyone's spirit with just a "Thinking of You"!!! Sandy .. our golden candy! 


2. Tough situations that feel like you are swimming in a rocky terrain in rapids and you need a guide to get you to the other end. You are there almost predicting the valley or picking us up when we are barely afloat. You can sense energy and you make everyone feel inclusive regardless of age, color, male, female...and your approach to life with an attitude while always being there for those that need you always sets you apart!!

You connect caring people to real people...those who you trust that means a million in today's age! 


I am THRILLED for you that you are embarking on this new adventure;
an extension of the many years you have already spent building your
own knowledge and magnetic personality!  You are always interested in,
and eager to learn new things! You dig much deeper than just the
surface for knowledge, understanding, ideas and ways to make your life better;
and the lives of others!  You are quick to perceive a situation and able to work
on the solution rather than staying stuck in the problem.  Others can readily
understand you and appreciate the wealth of expertise you bring to multiple situations. 


Clarity of thoughts and ideas make it possible to follow your leadership and guidance. I think you have a very genuine interest in helping others get out of their own way and move forward in a positive, non-threating way.


You are a great motivator because you are sincerely excited about what others
what to do to change their situations and better themselves and their lives. 
Listening is one of your greatest strengths!  As is perception and communication!


Thank you again for the sessions to help me come back to a better reality.  


After just a few sessions with Sandy, I've managed to achieve a much more calm and positive work/life balance.  I have a new found sense that life is GOOD and I can chart my path rather than be driven by forces not of my choosing.  Her insightful and wise outlook has helped me to believe that my best is good enough.  Sandy has a way of seeing into souls and sorting out the chaff from the seed in a way that is simply amazing.  She asks you to consider the hard questions, but in a way that leads you to the root of the truth rather than believing there is no way out of the surface chaos of everyday life.  


Thank you Sandy for being the Captain of our ship encouraging us to overcome the waves and storms of life in order to find our way…….here’s to smooth sailing in our quest to reach our personal goals……

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