We celebrate your new version of you an empowered woman ! Discovering the Goddess within.

Overwhelmed, Stressed, Low Self-Confidence? You will find a positive mindset, calmness, and become empowered. YOU will  level up your life, and find more happiness.

The Women's Empowerment Coach is in.

Coach Sandy

My passion is working with women, empowering them, celebrating them, supporting them. 


Are you in the mid-season of life,

in transition, feeling overwhelmed?

Would you like to embrace the fearless woman inside? 

I will share "The ART of the Shift"

in any program you choose.


If you are a woman who is in search of the goddess you  know exists in there somewhere, you need our group sessions.  

These women are in search of discovering their authentic self. "Women Wearing Many Hats" will be a good fit for you.

This porgram varies according to client demand. Some seesions are free, other workshops or lunch and learns are donation based. Open to everyone. 





If you are a women who wants to walk in her power and authority and embrace her fearless potential, One on One coaching will get you there faster.


"Embrace your Fearless Woman". 

3 sessions minimum with a quarantee. 


We celebrate your new version, whatever method fits you.  Empowering you is my goal.


Let's begin the celebration with a chat. 

Wellness With Attitude is guided by these core principles:

Creative Introspection: Time for reflection is a necessary part of our process. My goal is to provide the highest level of attention and integrity with all clients.


Non-Judgment:  Each of us has core values that need to be respected.  Differences bring uniqueness and that is good. All sessions are predicated on respect and non-judgement.


Competence: In addition to training and certifications I have been working with women, sharing and training in some manner for over 40 years.


Compassion: Empathy and respect are paramount as each woman navigates her  journey. 


Confidentiality: All of the knowledge and information gained during the consulting process is handled with confidentiality.

I invite you to get to know me, my style, my message, my humor, by clicking the video button below. You will be taken to my YouTube channel and my Thoughtful mindset messages. There are several that will give you insight or encouragement. Some deal with our expectations, our traditions and beliefs. It will give you a peek at what a women's empowerment group session is about and how we tackle the real issues we women manage.

These birds represent, one seed at a time, this is how we adjust our mindset! Plus it represents our hobby, of photographing our world from our front porch.

Group sessions provide impact. Statistics show that group sessions are very effective and offer a sense of community.

The Group Coaching Method

 As a women's empowerment coach I specialize in group sessions of 6 to 20 women.
I connect with the group via an interactive source such as Zoom.


 Because we are comprised of individual souls and stories, these sessions are crafted to suit the       needs of the group.
We build community, we develop support, we discuss what is in our hearts and on our minds.


Substantial shifts in your everyday don’t happen overnight. They happen with practice, with time and most importantly, they happen with peer support.


Come as you are today bringing your baggage, fears and stress. Bring all the hope you can hold. 

We will emerge with an adjusted mindset and motivations. Together in community, we will get strong, focused, and energized, and perhaps BOLD, if that suits your style. 

My ears are ready to listen, as we investigate old stories that no longer serve, roadblocks you wish to bust through. Being ready to be brilliant and find energy to be well in mind and body is all you need to begin this journey.


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